Since the first company established in 1981, Eskihisar Group has been continuing its growth by the help of its business approach and teamwork built on honesty and reliability principles and has reached to its present position today.

Eskihisar is a well-established and reliable company operating in various fields of the construction sector. It is an important company throughout the country and the leading company in Central Anatolia Region on the sale of the products of major manufacturers in building products field (iron pipe, plastic pipe, radiator, combi, sanitaryware, tiles, ceramic, parguet, wallpaper, kitchen fixtures, bathroom cabinets and accessories, shower cabinets, fixtures etc.).


It is the point of where everything has started

Eskihisar Construction Materials Inc., as the first and leading company of the Eskihisar Group of Companies, was established by M. Rifat Hisarciklioglu in 1981 in Ankara and has continued its operations in Ulus-Ruzgarli Street, where the construction materials trade is carried out intensively in Ankara.

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Significant growth in the first 5 years

Eskihisar Construction Materials Inc., together with Eskihisar Foreign Trade Inc. founded in 1985, is the largest company in domestic and international construction materials sales and marketing sector.


The third branch in its 15th year

Since the first company established in 1981, Eskihisar Group has continued its growth with its business approach and teamwork built on the principles of honesty and reliability and has reached its present position today.

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We continue with the same principles, just as the first day.

It has a wide product range and customer portfolio. The company, which mainly markets steel and plastic, pipe and profile, plumbing materials, ceramics and sanitaryware products, offers customized and packaged solutions to its customers for the project-based works.

Our company, which has a wide product range and customer portfolio, continues to offer customized and packaged solutions for you, our distinguished customers for project-based works and through retail sales by opening stores to display its construction materials and accessories in Atasehir, a trendy neighborhood of Istanbul, in 2012 and Sogutozu, one of the most developed neighborhood of Ankara, in 2016, and finally by opening its Kayseri store in June 2017.